Mission & Goals

The mission of the VAPA Academy is to foster a high level of achievement in the performing and visual arts disciplines, as well as to instill lifelong involvement in and appreciation of the arts.

Our goal is to empower students to develop and achieve their creative and expressive potential in the arts.

Students will demonstrate:

  • The ability to perceive and respond to experiences and the environment.
  • An understanding of the fine arts in historical, cultural, and social contexts.
  • A personal philosophy on how the Arts effect the individual and society as a whole.

Academy Requirements

  • Complete  at least one VAPA credit per year
  • Construct a Process Portfolio for every VAPA credit taken
  • Participate in departmental functions, including— Music Concerts, Art Shows, Theatrical Productions and Dance Concerts
  • Become an active part in the arts community by attending performances presented here at Einstein and within the greater DC metropolitan area
  •  Successful Completion of the Senior Capstone Project Course (.5 credit)


1617  VAPA Calendar

Albert Einstein High School Visual and Performing Arts Academy

5th Floor View

Albert Einstein High School Visual and Performing Arts Academy

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